We will begin to upload the evidence base for the draft neighbourhood plan.

The  development  of the Plan  has been driven by a steering group, comprised of residents and  parish councillors.   It  was  recognised  at  an  early  stage  that  for  the  Plan  to  be  truly  representative  of  the planning issues of relevance in the town and parishes and to be  the community’s  Plan, we would need to conduct thorough engagement with those who live and work in the parish.  We also recognised that the Plan could  not  be  properly  developed  without  the  input  of  organisations  and  agencies  with  a  district, county, sub-regional or national remit. The  process  and  types of consultation  and  discussion  that  we  have  gone through  is  documented  in detail  in  our  Consultation  Statement  which  accompanies  this  Plan.   However, the key methods  we have used have included:

Public exhibitions, meetings and events;

A community questionnaire sent to all households;

A business survey sent to all businesses;

A young people’s event;

Directly  contacting  wider-than-local  organisations  and  agencies  (strategic  stakeholders)  which have an interest in planning issues in the town and parishes; and, Our  development  of  the  Plan  was  based  on  a  desire  to  be  open  and  encouraging  comments  and contributions  from  all  quarters  with  the  aim  being  to  achieve  consensus,  but  also  to  have  debates about issues where the community was divided in its views.

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