Welcome to the Okehampton Town and Hamlets Neighbourhood Plan website

This site introduces you to what a neighbourhood plan is and why we need one. This is where evidence of previous consultation and opportunities to comment on the draft neighbourhood plan will be available. Please bear with us as we develop the site.

The Okehampton Town and Hamlets Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of our Regulation 14 consultation. The consultation period runs from 22nd October to 3rd December 2022. We are asking for the local community to give feedback on our policies.

The documents are as follows:

Okehampton Town and Hamlets Regulation 14 draft plan

Feedback document

Please download and save the feedback document and send to okeneighbourhoodplan@outlook.com as an attachment. Hard copies can be taken to the Town Hall or Mole Avon.